Buying Cialis Online – can you do it in Australia

Buying Cialis Online Safely

Cialis is a treatment for erectile dysfunction that works in a similar way to Viagra and, because it works faster, it’s in high demand. When any new drug makes waves in the healthcare world, there are more than enough shady characters waiting in the wings to hang off of the coattails of its fame, so how can you make sure that you’re buying Cialis from a trusted online retailer? Well, check out this comprehensive guide to buying Cialis online safely!

What to avoid when buying Cialis online

When you use a search engine to find a product that you want, the first results are of course the most trusted, right? Wrong. Companies can use tricks and underhanded methods to get themselves to the top of search results to make sure that they get the most custom. There are things that you can look out for to verify the validity of a Cialis seller online, though.

Avoid websites that don’t ask for a prescription

You should always be asked to present a prescription before being allowed to purchase any drug; and buying online is no different. If you are not asked to fill out an online form, to provide the correct information from your doctor, or to fax a prescription, the company is more than likely to be offering you counterfeit drugs.

Avoid websites that don’t feature relevant contact details

It’s an easy, yet costly mistake to make when buying Cialis online, but many of us forget to check a website’s contact details. Websites that do not feature a legitimate street address- i.e. a P.O. Box address or an address that is overseas, they are probably not in receipt of FDA approved Cialis products.

Always verify phone numbers by calling them and asking questions. Simply speaking with a helpful customer service representative that knows their product will set your mind at ease. If the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t know small details such as shipping costs, the chances are that they don’t know whether or not their products are legitimate.

Avoid low, low prices

The price of Cialis should be more than realistic; it should rival the cost of your local pharmacy. This is because the manufacturer sets the selling price for all prescription drugs. By setting a limit, sellers are unable to drop prices below a certain bracket to prevent underselling. So, you can usually spot a counterfeit Cialis product, simply by how much it costs.

Avoid buying from sellers that you know nothing about

When buying Cialis online you should always use a search engine to try to verify a company’s credentials. If they are a reputable company, there is likely to be positive feedback around the net. This works both ways of course, because if they are a shady seller there is likely to be complaints a plenty to be found.

Avoid ‘Generic Cialis’ completely

No company selling generic Cialis is legitimate. You need to see the words ‘genuine Cialis’, or ‘Brand Name Cialis as these are the only Cialis products that are FDA approved.  In short, Cialis that is found in any other formulation than tablets is counterfeit.

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