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The Viagra Patent in the USA – How Does It Effect Australia?

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We are so waiting for a legal generic version of Viagra in the United States. This erectile dysfunction solution is most famous all around the world. Unfortunately, if you are also waiting for generic version of Viagra you will need to wait for few more years. Viagra’s patent was scheduled to expire in March 2012 but it has been rescheduled for April 2020. This is just good news for the manufacturer Pfizer. So just be patient for few more years and we all going to have legal, cheaper generic Viagra. Well, when we are talking about the patent I will inform you more about it.

There has been a lot of speculation in the last years about what would happen when Viagra is going to be available in generic form. There are drug companies that were poised to leap to the possibility of the opportunity presented by the expired patent. Teva Pharmaceuticals has gained tentative approval from FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Why the patent was prolonged?

At the beginning of 2012, Pfizer gets additional 6 mounts for the United States patent protection for the drug Viagra. This is because the company is studying the effect of another one of their products that contains the active ingredient in Viagra, sildenafil for children that have pulmonary hypertension. Because of this development, Pfizer’s patent for Viagra got a patent to April 2020.
So in conclusion to this, there is still no legal generic Viagra that is available in the United States. Yes, there are online advertisers that are claiming but there isn’t over the counter version of this drug (except for Europe and Canada). A prescription for Viagra, the little blue pill, remains the only legal option in the U.S. So, you still need to buy Viagra in order to get the fun you are looking for.

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